Rvx pack was established in 2009 as a trusted manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials, offering superior designs for food, pharmaceuticals, granules, capsules, tablets and pills. Our manufacturing facilities feature printing, lamination, aluminum foil processing, slitting and packaging to produce our packaging materials efficiently and environmentally-friendly, earning recognition from many companies as a result.

Our company boasts two gravure printing machines with maximum printing widths of 150mm each and two high-efficiency dry lamination machines that can laminate up to 150mm wide sheets. These lamination machines have the capacity to automatically set speed, temperature, and pressure settings, ensuring that pharmaceutical aluminum foil meets all inspection standards after printing. Additionally, our coating machine can print three colors on the front side and one color on the backside, as well as applying protective agents and thermal surfaces with insulation on either side. Furthermore, the slitting machine cuts aluminum foil of various thicknesses for cutting purposes; our automated equipment meets packaging requirements of various products while professional testing equipment ensures our products are being monitored from raw material through completion.

We possess extensive expertise in producing composite films for pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical aluminum foil and cold-forming foil for solids. We have collaborated with over one hundred different pharmaceutical companies. We welcome domestic and international customers alike to visit us; we look forward to cooperating with each of you!







Composited Film

//Display of product and production process

Our equipment is carefully crafted in highly sanitized, dust-free workshops that adhere to strict cleanliness protocols. These measures ensure the products produced therein meet the strict standards set forth by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our machines are operated by professionals who have extensive experience and know how to operate them with precision. Our trained staff oversees each step of the process, from initial set-up to final output.

Each product is subjected to a rigorous inspection process in order to maintain our commitment towards quality. The inspections are done with great care to ensure that the product meets our high standards. We can ensure a high yield of products and keep the trust of the customers we serve in the pharmaceutical sector by adhering to these strict quality control measures.


// Advanced Process Control

RVX ensures that all processes, including production, sales and dispatch, purchasing, finance, etc., are carried out with SAP. SAP is used to carry out all processes. This allows for 100% batch tracking analysis and complete authentication of any given batch. The team ensures that all raw materials, work-in-progress material, and finished products are assigned unique numbers and barcodes to allow for batch tracking. We ensure that our customers receive the correct product at all times with an effective and efficient system. It also reduces the chances of errors due to line stops and improves the efficiency of the entire system. In case of an issue, the team will simply assess the Batch Tracking Analysis to find out the relevant information about the products.


// Quality test center

The laboratory has been equipped with a comprehensive set of testing instruments for conducting thorough tests to determine the chemical and physical properties of raw materials. Test items include burst resistance, peel strength and microbial limits. They also include pinhole counts, solvent residues, heavy metal contents, water vapor transmittance rate and other tests. All products must be inspected rigorously before they are sold.




Pharmaceutical packaging solution

The packaging material for pharmaceuticals must protect drugs against environmental influences and preserve their original properties during storage and usage. This requires the packaging material to be stable and not break when used. The pharmaceutical packaging material must also have sufficient barrier properties that prevent oxygen, light and moisture from affecting the medicine. Meet long-term storage requirements. Our core business is customizing high barrier packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals. Our high-performance composites are made from raw materials such as BOPP, PET VMPET PE AL CPP PA PVC etc. We are specialized in the development of a wide range of customized packaging materials that provide the best preservation method for various complex products.


1.Blister packaging for capsules, pills and tablets
2.Packaging film for powder and granules
3.Pouches for powder, granule and liquid drugs
4.Packaging for unit dose medications

strip foil
Nutraceuticals packaging Solution

Packaging materials for health supplements are produced to the same high standards as pharmaceutical packaging. We can meet your needs in terms of mechanical properties as well as barrier performance. Gravure printing machines are used to print the surface of packaging materials in up to nine colors. The result is a product that looks more appealing on the shelf.

We also have multiple high speed bag-making machines which can process packaging materials directly into single-use pouches or strip packs. The packaging makes it easy for the user to open and carry. It also reduces the amount of time required in the manufacturing process.


1.Stickpacks for protein powders or mix supplements
2.Blister packaging for supplement tablets and capsules
3.Packaging film and packaging bag for dissolvable powder supplements.

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  • Create and Deliver next in class Pharmaceutical Aluminium Foil Packaging solutions.
  • Manufacture quality and cost competitive products for its customers.
  • Ensure safe and contamination free products.

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