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Our strength lies in the ability to customize flexible packaging solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. RVX can provide packaging for electronic components, pharmaceuticals or food. We have multi-layer materials, high-quality foils for tablet and powder packaging, as well as barrier foils that are suitable for the blister packaging of tablets. These materials have a beautiful appearance, along with a robust lamination adhesion as well as exceptional steam and gases barrier properties. Our company built a new factory in 2009 that covers 2000 square meters and is classified as a Grade D cleanroom.

We use food-grade aluminum foils and plastic films as raw materials when customizing products for clients. We also utilize advanced automated equipment, such as rotogravure printers, dry laminators and aluminum foil coating machines. RVX has a comprehensive system of quality control, which is accredited with ISO 9001 certification. A professional laboratory has been set up to perform comprehensive performance tests of finished products. These tests include tensile, seal strength, and puncture resistance. To ensure customer satisfaction, products are only delivered after they have passed stringent tests. We are conveniently located in Tianchang, Anhui Province. Visit our factory to see how RVX can create the perfect packaging for your pharmaceutical products.

Business Philosophy

·  Superior Quality
·  High Cost Performance, Cost Price.
·  Happy Communication, Quick Response.
·  Continuous R&D Investment
·  Benefit from Society, Return Society.

Quality is the cornerstone of trust.

Our company’s product testing center is equipped with high-precision testing equipment such as infrared spectrometers, gas chromatographs, friction coefficient testers, automated offline inspection systems, and water vapor permeability testers. The quality inspectors, with their extensive experience, strictly follow the product inspection procedures. They promptly report any defective products to their superiors to prevent defective products from reaching customers. Our company has a traceability process for products, which enables us to quickly identify the reasons for defective products.

Why Choose Rvx?

·  Ensure continuous and sustainable development owing to solid software and hardware foundation

·  First-rate quality
·  High cost performance, cost price.
·  Obtain 9 patents including invention patents .
·  Happy communication, quick response.

·  By virtue of rich experience of professional technicians, our company can manufacture high-quality products and provide new solutions to the problems in pharmaceutical packaging material industry.

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