Alu Alu Foil-Cold Formed Foil

Common Structures:



Cold-formed aluminium foil is widely used for packaging, especially pharmaceutical packaging. Cold-formed aluminum foil is made of plastic films like polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) or polyamides (PA). Cold-formed aluminium foil has excellent moisture, light, and oxygen barrier properties. This protects the content’s stability and effectiveness. Cold-formed aluminum is a great foil for many reasons.


Aluminum foil layer: Provides primary barriers to moisture, oxygen and light penetration.

Plastic film layer: Provides strength and formability. Usually includes materials such as PVC, PVDC or PA.

2.Cold-Forming Process

Cold forming is the process of shaping the material at room temperature under mechanical pressure. Cold-formed aluminum foil can be used to create complex geometric shapes such as deep cavities for pharmaceutical blister packs. Unlike the thermoforming process, cold forming does not require heating the forming molds, making it more suitable for temperature-sensitive products.

3.Application Areas

Pharmaceutical Industry: Used to package tablets, capsules and injections. This ensures their safety and stability during transportation and storage.

Food Industry: Use for packaging foods that are sensitive, and to extend shelf life.


High Barrier Properties: Excellent barrier to water vapor and oxygen. Protects contents from external influences.

High mechanical strength: Can resist certain physical impacts and protect the contents.

hemical Resistant: Excellent resistance to many chemicals. Suitable for packaging different pharmaceuticals and chemicals.


Higher Cost:Cold-formed aluminum foil has a higher price due to its high performance and composite structure.

Poor Recycling Ability: Composite materials are difficult to separate and recycle, which makes them less eco-friendly than packaging made of a single material.


Cold-formed aluminium foil is an excellent packaging material that’s ideal for applications that require high barrier properties. This includes pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging. Cost and recycling are important factors, but its benefits in protecting


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